Shots fired at massage parlor manager’s car


Police suspect a business conflict was the motive behind the shooting of a car owned by a North Pattaya massage parlor manager.

Officers responded to the Rasputin parlor on Second Road June 28 where they found a black Mazda 3 owned by Suriya Tengjongdee, 34, shot 14 times. Ten 9mm casings were recovered. No one was injured.

Witnesses reported two men wearing full motorcycle helmets fired at the car and drove away.

Suriya denied he was in conflict with anyone and said he actually didn’t use the car much, usually just leaving it parked in the massage parlor’s parking lot.

Police said they will inspect CCTV footage to try and find the shooters, who they speculated fired at the car as a warning to Suriya in a quarrel over business or a woman.