Shisha-smoking youths busted in abandoned house


Youths congregating in abandoned buildings in the Soi Photisan Community have drawn the attention of Banglamung District officials concerned they may be up to drugs or sex.

Twenty teens were found smoking shisha in Baan Wadkluaw March 24. Authorities surrounded a building, but they were spotted and the youths scattered in different directions.

Only seven were detained. Various shisha-related items, knives, metal bars and motorbikes were seized.

After raiding and arresting the wayward youths, police demolish the den of vice.

One of the seven failed the drug test at Banglamung Police Station. The underage boy was sent to a rehab facility while the other youths were picked up by their parents.

Residents in the area said that the area was abandoned for many years and many teenagers often congregate there for suspicious activities and fights.

Authorities checked records of the property and will demolish the huts and abandoned homes concerned.