Sattahip police use rat to reel in big fish


Police used a small fish to catch a bigger one when they arrested a suspected drug dealer in Sattahip.

Somsak Pumsagnuan, 35, was captured at his home on Soi Nam Oiy Jan. 19 with 152 methamphetamine tablets and 4.3 grams of crystal meth.

The arrest came on information from Chakrit Wiboonchart, 33, who was apprehended earlier with 50 ya ba tablets and ratted out his alleged dealer.

Police planned an undercover buy of two ya ba pills from Somsak at his house, but the suspect spotted the cops and barricaded himself inside. Police broke in to slap on the cuffs.

Police said Somsak admitted to selling drugs, but only to earn enough cash to buy more for himself.