Sattahip officials issue death threat against drug-dealing suspects


Sattahip officials have threatened two suspected drug dealers with death should they refuse to turn themselves in and again resist arrest.

Jakri Chimsiri, 28, and Manas Buppha, 18, are wanted on numerous drug-related warrants while Jakri is also charged with attempted murder after a July 24 gunfight in the Khao Baisri neighborhood.

Police had planned a sting operation to catch Jakri and Manas selling five methamphetamine tablets, but officers apparently weren’t coy enough, as the alleged dealers sniffed out their plot and sped away on a Honda motorbike. During pursuit they crashed and fled on foot into a rubber plantation where Jakri allegedly fired eight shots at officers.

(From left) Jakri Chimsiri and Manas Buppha.(From left) Jakri Chimsiri and Manas Buppha.

Sattahip police and administrators claimed Jakri is No. 1 on their most-wanted list, as he is a rising drug dealer who uses guns to intimidate locals. They gave both suspects seven days to turn themselves in and warned that if they resist arrest again, officers will shoot to kill.