Police suspect murder in death of Bang Saray Brit


Police suspect an elderly British man found dead in his Bang Saray luxury home might have been murdered.

David Farrell, 72, was found lying naked in a pool of blood inside his three-story home July 30. Apparently killed by a large head wound, Farrell had been dead about two days and had multiple other bruises. Broken wine bottles and belongings were scattered around the third floor, although no valuables appeared to be missing.

Farrell’s estranged wife, Koranit Chuangchai, 33, said she had moved out about three months ago, but became concerned after receiving a distressed phone call from him three days earlier.

Koranit told police her husband had said he was having problem with an American boxer friend named Aaron and then they got disconnected. She said she tried to call him back each day, but never got a response. She finally went to the house only to find him dead.

Investigator Lt. Nares Bunthee said the body would be sent to the Forensics Institute to determine the cause of death. Meanwhile, police will try to track down the boxer and further interrogate the wife.