Police raid Soi Buakaow massage parlor


Police raid the Enjoy Massage suspected of engaging in prostitution.

Human-trafficking and immigration police raided a Soi Buakaow massage parlor that allegedly was offering too much hands-on service.

Police hit the “Enjoy Thai Massage” establishment Oct. 20 on reports sexual services were being offered upstairs from the main massage room.

Investigators sent in an undercover officer to arrange a liaison and officers moved in after the money was handed over. Seized was a book where staff members would sign-out condoms and other sexual aids.

Masseuse Anchisa Jermlae, 34, and manger Kusuantang Banmaichaipot were arrested and charged with prostitution and human trafficking offenses. Police also discovered a 15-year-old girl working in the establishment. Jermlae denied all the charges.