Planets, moon to align March 27; world survival expected


Lottery fans and end-of-world prognosticators will have their eyes on the heavens later this month as four of five visible planets and the moon align in a celestial show not to bee seen again until 2040.

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter will line up in a near-perfect row over Thailand May 27-30, with the moon joining the party the final two nights.

(Photo courtesy of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand) (Photo courtesy of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand)

“If the sky is clear, the public should be able to see the alignment between Pisces and Aires, about 30 degrees above the horizon,” said Jullada Kaosa-ard, spokeswoman for the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand in Chiang Mai.

While not exactly rare, planetary alignments are seldom seen twice in the same location. This alignment, viewable in the southern hemisphere only, will not be repeated for nearly 30 years.

Of course, the more-superstitious among us see more than just a linear configuration of planets. Some see it as a sign of the end of the world – especially when it occurs on Friday the 13th as happened in Australia earlier this month – or inspiration for lucky lottery numbers.

Astrologists note, however, that there is no scientific evidence of any increased gravitational or other effect on earth. For many in Pattaya, the biggest problem associated with this month’s event will be getting up early enough to see it, as the best viewing will be at around 5 a.m.