Phichit teen claims rape by Pattaya-area cop


Police are investigating claims that one of their own raped a 17-year-old Issan girl hired to work as his housekeeper.

The girl and her unidentified mother filed a complaint with police Aug. 26 that the supposed chief inspector of an unnamed police station sexually abused the girl three days earlier at his home on Thappraya Soi 15.

The girl came from Phichit Province after a family member told her mother of an advertisement seeking a 16-18-year-old girl for housekeeping work for 10,000 baht a month. The mother, a rice farmer, sent her daughter – unemployed and not enrolled in school – to Pattaya to work.

Her mother said she called on Aug. 26 and heard her daughter in tears. The teen said that she was asked to give the officer – who she knew only as “Jo”, a man around age 40 – a massage. He then took her into his bedroom, where a number of sex toys were laid out and an adult movie was on the television.

She said the supposed cop forced himself on her and, later that day, again raped her and forced her to watch as he and his wife had intercourse.

The man, who claimed to be a senior police officer, then took her to the bus station, threatened her to keep quiet and gave her 1,500 baht to go home.

She stayed in Pattaya and waited for her mother to arrive, after which they filed their report.

The mother fears that if the suspect actually is a police officer, the case will be swept under the rug.