Pedestrian turns in loaded wallet lost by foreigner


A Pattaya pedestrian stumbled upon a windfall when he found a foreigner’s wallet containing about 100,000 baht, but turned it in to police.

Pongkun Duangchareonpakin, 39, said he found the wallet on Central Road June 3. Inside was 360 baht, 3,200 US dollars, credit cards and personal documents.

Pongkun said he could have exchanged the dollars for about 105,000 baht, but thought that, if he had lost that much money himself, he would be really upset. So he turned it into the Chonburi Immigration Office in Jomtien in hopes immigration officials can track down the foreigner, who he assumed was a tourist.

Pongkun Duangchareonpakin (center) turned in the wallet to police.Pongkun Duangchareonpakin (center) turned in the wallet to police.