PEA upgrades electrical system for Soi Kophai


The lights are shining a bit brighter on Soi Kophai after the Provincial Electricity Authority upgraded power lines and poles in the neighborhood.

Electrician Chalee Kedeim led a team of 10 PEA workers to the South Pattaya street Feb. 19 to install new high-voltage lines and replace utility poles that were too short or didn’t meet current standards.

The switch to insulated cables will help prevent brown-outs and black-outs while supporting the area’s growing population.

Among the power poles that were changed were three that had been tilted at an angle for some time, worrying nearby residents.

PEA workers are busy upgrading power lines and poles in the Soi Kophai area.

PEA workers also did maintenance on other posts carrying a heavy load of cable television, Internet and phone lines. They said the agency wants to see the other utilities clean up these poles and, eventually, will move to put the wires underground.