Pattaya Thais pass on answering PM’s ‘4 questions’


Area Thais were given a chance to answer Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s much-maligned “four questions”, but most Chon­buri Province residents can’t be bothered.

About 92,000 people nationwide submitted answers to the premier’s queries on politics and the future of Thailand, but fewer than 3,200 of those came from Chonburi, according to statistics released June 17 by the Interior Ministry.

The questions ask the public what they think about the chances of success of next-year’s promised elections.

Critics believe the exercise is a ruse aimed at gauging public reaction to a possible postponement of general elections and prolonging the junta’s hold on power.

The “four questions”, which actually total five, are:

  1. Do you think the next election will bring a government with good governance?
  2. What should be done if it fails to do so?
  3. Elections are an important element of democracy. Is it right to (give importance to) elections alone without consideration for the country’s future such as national strategy and reform?
  4. Do you think political groups with inappropriate behavior deserve a chance to run in elections? If they are elected, who should solve the problem and how?

Pattaya-area Thais with a valid identification card can submit their opinions via a questionnaire at the Banglamung District complaint center.