Pattaya police chief spending 6 million baht of own money to expand HQ


Pattaya’s police chief is spending 6 million baht of his own money to upgrade the small, shabby Soi 9 city police station.

Pol. Col Supachai Puikaewkam said he consulted with his wife, Roi-et Deputy Gov. Juriporn Sinthuphrai before deciding to dip into his own pocket to revamp that station, which is so small officers must work in the parking lot and even small motorbikes often cannot find a place to park.

“I worked as a deputy suppression superintendent here, so I know the root of various problems the station has,” the police chief said.

“The police station is small and some areas are not even in order. I will solve this issue by using my own money to renovate the station but those wanting to donate can do so,” Supachai said. “The superintendent’s office will be moved to the second floor of the seaside Rak Vinai building and will be bigger to accommodate citizens wanting to visit or file a direct complaint, as well as make them feel at home and not nervous.”

Pol. Col Supachai Puikaewkam (2nd left) is spending his own money to upgrade Pattaya Police Station.Pol. Col Supachai Puikaewkam (2nd left) is spending his own money to upgrade Pattaya Police Station.

He said another floor will be added to increase the number of offices. A patrol-officers room and press-briefing room also will be added.

“The most important room is the one-stop service room downstairs, where we will add systems from Kasikorn Bank. I want citizens using the services to be impressed and get all services at one place.”

He did urge those working in the larger station to conserve energy, as more lights equal higher utility bills.

“This is what I planned originally after accepting the superintendent’s job because Pattaya city is visited by foreigners worldwide on vacations, some foreigners invest in real estate and live their retirement life here,” Supachai said. “If the station develops for the better, citizens will feel warm, their lives and assets safe, and be impressed with services. Finally, citizens will trust and be more friendly with police.”