Pattaya officials check quality of year-end gift baskets

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai and his team use a standard universal weight to check local store scales are accurate.

Local officials did their annual check of retail gift baskets to ensure the products inside met all labeling and quality standards.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai and Chonburi commercial officer Sutham Lakornthum led public-health staffers to local stores Dec. 27.

Sutham said that to protect consumers from being taken advantage of, gift baskets containing food, drinks and other consumer products are checked not only for quality, but for clear pricing listed for the package and each item within.

Each basket also must contain the weight or volume of each item as well as their expiration dates and accurate descriptions. Penalties for not following all the regulations can reach 10,000 baht.

Inspections will continue around the province through year-end.

Gift basket prices must be accurate and reflect the value of items inside.

Scales that pass rigorous testing will receive an official government sticker.