Pattaya City Hall worker ‘adopts’ 80 stray dogs


A temporary city hall employee has become the resident angel for about 80 street dogs in North Pattaya, paying up to 10,000 baht a month to feed them daily.

The woman, who refused to provide her name or have her face photographed, said she used to starting coming occasionally to the field behind Tesco Lotus near the intersection of Soi Photisan and Soi Saing about two years ago, but now makes daily trips, feeding them chicken and rice, or scraps left over from functions she attends.

This “Angle of street dogs” shares 8,000 – 10,000 baht of her salary per month to buy food for dozens of strays in North Pattaya.

She said there actually are three packs of wild dogs in the area, each of which keeps to its own territory. So she must place food in each zone to ensure all can eat. She said the population of strays has exploded in recent years, as people abandon their pets and the unsterilized dogs procreate.

She wants city hall to be more aggressive about spaying and neutering strays.

The woman said she is sometimes criticized by others who think she’s trying to boost her own reputation by her work with animals and collecting food humans don’t want to eat. But she said she wants no recognition or acknowledgement of her work.

She said she merely wants people not to discard dogs and for the local government to do more to control their population.