Pattaya calendars delayed, but coming


Pattaya’s annual city calendar is delayed, but will be handed out to area businesses and residents early next year, the city council was told.

Responding to a question by Councilman Urit Nantasurasak, Onwara Korapin, director of the administrative office, told Dec. 23 Pattaya City Council meeting that printing of the handout calendar was delayed this year due to the need to check average printing costs and make a final decision on the calendar’s theme.

Bids on the calendar, which designers decided to theme as, “Key Cities of ASEAN” will close Jan. 6. The contract will be signed two days later and publication of the calendar will be complete by Jan. 10, she said.

Councilman Farooq Wongborisuthi presides over the city council general meeting.Councilman Farooq Wongborisuthi presides over the city council general meeting.

In another matter at the meeting, Councilman Farooq Wongborisuthi said that Pattaya City Council is ready to carry out local development works for the ASEAN Economic Community by strictly following policies aiming to create benefits for society, as promised during the election campaign. The council will continue working on what has already been started and also work to increase more Pattaya’s potential, he said.