Pattaya Bus station inspected for Songkran


Due to the amount of people going home to their various provinces for Songkran, the police in Pattaya have been inspecting buses to ensure that they are complying with regulations.

Police inspect a bus prior to it departing for Bangkok
Police inspect a bus prior to it departing for Bangkok

On April the 11th  Pol. Maj. Piyapong Ensarn Police Inspector of the Pattaya Tourist Police joined forces with the Pattaya drug police to inspect the safety standards of the North Pattaya bus station. These checks will include ensuring that the bus conductor is following guidelines, there will also be random urine checks for drug abuse.

The history of the bus drivers will also come under scrutiny as their history will be looked into. In addition these measure will ensure safety for the foreign tourists.

Pol. Maj. Piyapong announced that this year it is estimated that there will be over a hundred thousand visitors and added that it has been arranged for the surveillance of both Thai and foreign tourists to strictly create a safe atmosphere during this time.