Norwegian hangs self from top of Pattaya condo tower

Rescuers needed three hours to retrieve the corpse.
Rescuers needed three hours to retrieve the corpse.

Pattaya police said a preliminary investigation shows that a Norwegian man who hung himself high up a beachfront condominium committed suicide.

The corpse of Max Holden of Oslo, 69, was first seen hanging from the 31st floor deck of the Northshore condo on Soi 5 at Beach Road around 9 a.m. Nov. 14, creating a sensation that quickly spread across the internet.

Holden had been living on the 23rd floor. His neck was tied with red nylon rope attached to a fire hydrant and his body was covered in blood from deep vertical wounds across his forearms and neck.

Hanging almost five meters over the side of the building, rescuers needed three hours to retrieve the corpse, as pulling it up by the neck was not an option. A Pattaya firefighter rappelled down the building and secured the abdomen with rope to enable Holden’s remains to be pulled up.

On the rooftop, police found more of the nylon rope, a box cutter, flashlight and two cutting boards affixed to a steel bar. A handwritten note also was left with several names and a message in Norwegian.