Nongprue village to see water-price relief


Nongprue’s Eak Mongkol 4 village will be connected to the Pattaya-area water system to resolve years of complaints about high water bills.

Village Chief Chamnan Maneerath and Pol. Lt. Col. Supan Sophee met with locals as the community hall June 10 to resolve the issues of exorbitant bills, which over 10 years had prices rise from 12 baht per water unit to 28 baht.

The village has been buying water from a private supplier because it was not connected to Pattaya’s main water system.

The Nongprue sub-district office was contacted and officials resolved to connect Eak Mongkol to the city water system, allowing the government-regulated rate to be charged. The village operator and sub-district will split the cost.

Nongprue will connect pipes from sois 7-10 of Eak Mongkol 4 Village while the owner was asked to connect the remainder of the streets. The contractor was assigned to select and hire the contractor with hopes will it be done by the end of the month.

Prices will be readjusted to 12-15 baht during construction. Residents said they were satisfied with the arrangement.