Nongprue, Pak Ping Kum Pai award B165,000 in scholarships & necessities


Nongprue and the Pak Ping Kum Pai Foundation joined to provide 165,000 baht in scholarships to needy students in the sub-district.

Deputy Mayor Pramote Thaptim, and Patama Chanchiew, director of the Social Security Department, along with foundation representatives presented the scholarships to 47 impoverished pupils June 10.

The stipends, worth 3,000 baht each, were awarded based on selection by the Social Security Department. Other items, including rice and household items, were donated as well.

Pramote said everyone deserves an opportunity to continue their education. The money will help create a better life for the children, he said. However, there are still many with financial problems who cannot continue their education.

The Social Security Department has chosen 47 children in Nongprue to receive scholarships.The Social Security Department has chosen 47 children in Nongprue to receive scholarships.

Nongprue has organized a project to provide scholarships to five different groups alternately, including uneducated children, disabled children, children who are willing to continue school but from a poor family, children in rural areas, and youths who were convicted of crimes.

The major factor tying those groups together are family problems, he said. Some are separated from their families after being abused while some are out at a young age and trying to support their poor families by committing crimes and selling drugs.

The government recognizes the issue and currently is organizing needed budgets to support the matter. Scholarships provided may not be much, but enough to get the children started and put them back into school. Therefore, Nongprue aims to continue and organize similar events to support the community.