Nongprue officials briefed on junta’s ‘clean and orderly’ law


About 80 Nongprue area officials, regulatory officers and community leaders learned the specifics of the junta’s Maintaining Cleanliness and Good Order law to educate them on keep streets clean and sidewalks clear.

Tripob Booncheuy, a regulatory enforcement officer from Bangkok’s Huai Khwang District, spoke to managers, law enforcement and community representatives at the sub-district municipal hall March 29.

Tripob Booncheuy speaks to Nongprue officials on preserving order in our communities.

The 62-section law enacted after the military regime took power in 2014 covers all things related to building exteriors, garbage, sidewalks and streets. It has been used widely by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to evict street vendors in the Sukhumvit and Silom areas and close down ad hoc markets across the city to “preserve order” and the beauty of the areas.

Nongprue locals were told that, among other things, the law makes building owners responsible for footpaths outside their property and they must keep walkways clear and free of advertising.

It outlaws washing property in public areas or waterways, defacing walls connected to public roads, requires clean up after loading trucks of building materials, fuel or animals, and sets penalties, such as vehicle seizure.