New York artist brings color to Pattaya garbage


DPAC Inter Corp. Co., through its “Hero Variety” team, visited Beach Road to pass out unique pink garbage bags to beach vendors to launch its “Amazingly Clean Thailand” campaign.

DPAC executives gathered near Soi 3 Jan. 30 for the big cleaning day, handing out bags to vendors down to Soi 12. New York performance artist Adrian Kondratowicz, founder of the TRASH Project, joined the crowd to give out the vibrantly colored bags. The group asked vendors to fill the bags and place them near a bin on the footpath.

Pattaya’s hard working “orange team” can now collect garbage from the Beach Road Promenade using unique pink garbage bags.Pattaya’s hard working “orange team” can now collect garbage from the Beach Road Promenade using unique pink garbage bags.

“This is my first time to Pattaya and I’m sure we picked the right place to launch this campaign,” Kondratowicz said. “These pink bags are a work of art and a new way of making a dull pile of trash look more creative. The color itself is very attractive and draws the attention people to immediately collect the trash bags.”

The group created pink bags with white polka dots, pink with black dots, blue with silver dots and some that glow in the dark.

“Garbage can be transformed into art that is expressive, informed, and sustainable. This is an action to transform our waste into vivid sculptures of color,” the artist said. “Because it’s a trash bag, it tackles the issues of consumption and waste, but the rainbow of designs was meant to provoke in a positive manner, rather than critique or twist things around in an apocalyptic fashion.”

Kondratowicz began the TRASH Project in New York’s Harlem neighborhood. Working with biodegradable plastic, he produced the first bags and distributed them throughout the city. The TRASH Project’s appeal spread throughout the city, resulting in 4,000 examples of urban beautification and collective expression.

Several years ago this campaign was launched in various other countries including the Netherlands and Italy.

“It is truly a pleasure to launch this campaign in a more-interesting and attractive way,” Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome said. “The pink polka dot trash bags sure gives Pattaya and the environment a new look.”