Navy chief retirement ceremony held on board Thai aircraft carrier

RTN Commander-in-Chief Admiral Luechai Ruddit traveled by RTN helicopter to the deck of HTMS Chakri Naruebet docked at Sattahip Port.

The Royal Thai Navy’s commander-in-chief received a 19-gun salute from sailors and shipbuilders as he prepares to retire next month.

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Adm. Luechai Ruddit arrived by helicopter on the deck of the HTMS Chakri Naruebet at Sattahip Port Aug. 27 for his retirement ceremony organized by troops from the Royal Thai Fleet, Sattahip Naval Base, Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard, Naval Ordnance Department and Naval Medical Department.


Vice Adm. Chutinthorn Tattanon, deputy commander of the Royal Thai Fleet, led 1,000 naval forces to line up and welcome him. Then the HTMS Chaophraya fired off the salute.

Luechai, who retires Sept. 30, thanked the sailors for their service and respect.

RTN Commander-in-Chief Admiral Luechai Ruddit thanks the sailors for their service and respect.

1,000 naval forces line up and welcome the Admiral and say goodbye.

The commander-in-chief is given a 19-gun salute from the HTMS Chaophraya.


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