Nanny charged in death of abused toddler


A 26-year-old babysitter has been arrested for allegedly abusing a Nong Plalai toddler who died of swelling of the brain.

Wanwisa Nusan was taken into custody Jan. 22 and charged with assault resulting in the death of 2-year-old Techin “Nong Garfield” Tungman three days earlier. Funeral services were held at Nongket Noi Temple Jan. 21 but the child was not cremated and was to undergo an autopsy.

Doctors at Banglamung Hospital said Techin died from bleeding and swelling in the brain and also suffered bruises and skin rashes. They also discovered a 7-centimeter red chili in his stomach, which doctors said the child would not have eaten willingly.

26-year-old babysitter Wanwisa Nusan has been charged with assault resulting in the death of 2-year-old Techin “Nong Garfield” Tungman.

Techin’s mother, 36-year-old Mayree Namontree, filed complaints with police and the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women following her child’s Jan. 19 death, alleging that the 26-year-old nanny had killed the child she had been hired for 6,000 baht a month in November to watch.

She said she noticed on Jan. 8 that her son’s head was swollen, but was told by Wanwisa that the boy fell and hit his head while chasing a cat. The next day, while bathing Techin, she found bruises and red patches on his shoulders, back and genitals. Wanwisa was questioned again and she claimed that it was diaper rash.

On Jan. 16, Wanwisa called Mayree and told the mother the toddler had suffered a seizure and was taken to Banglamung Hospital. He died there three days later after undergoing cranial surgery.

Police said that Wanwisa finally confessed to a role in the child’s death after many hours of interrogation. She told police she had become angry after the child soiled his diaper Jan. 15 and pushed him, hitting his head against a concrete wall.

Later, the same day, she said, Nong Garfield had climbed up a grating in front of the house but fell after a cat startled him and he hit his head again.

She claimed he suffered another head impact when he fell and hit the edge of a bed while running later.

On Jan. 16, she said was cooking and offered Techin the big chili, which he ate without any reaction. She denied forcing it down his throat.

Later, she told police, the child convulsed and passed out. Wanwisa said she tried to shake him for about 20 minutes to revive him but couldn’t and brought him to the hospital.

Police are continuing with their investigation.