Mobile agriculture workshop runs in Bothong through Dec. 31


Chonburi is helping farmers adopt technology to provide better yields and make their work easier.

Khomsan Ekachai opened the “agriculture mobile workshop” Dec. 18 in Bothong District. The workshop runs through Dec. 31.

The project is aimed at solving agricultural issues for farmers, promoting knowledge required for production and demands of farmers, integrating cooperation between academic agencies and sponsoring agencies through service centers, and sharing agricultural technologies with sub-districts.

Farmers learn better techniques to improve their harvests.Farmers learn better techniques to improve their harvests.

There are workshops on soil, crops, fishing, accounting, irrigation, cooperatives, law and other topics.

Khomsan said it’s hoped the workshop helps develop the farming profession by implementing appropriate technologies, which is necessary since there must be a connection between research and development of farming as a source of education that can provide academic services and educate agricultural technologies to farmers.