Lucifer bouncer arrested for assaulting Israeli


A bouncer at Pattaya’s Lucifer disco has been arrested for allegedly assaulting an Israeli customer who belligerently refused to buy a drink.

Wittaya Chairak, 25, was taken into custody June 8 by provincial police officers the morning after the altercation with Eli Aurheem, 31, and Dekel Aurheem, 27, at the Walking Street discotheque.

Police said Wittaya confessed to beating up Eli, but justified his actions by saying the Israeli was approached by a Lucifer waiter and asked to buy a drink. He not only refused, but did so rudely, Wittaya said. The employee contacted 5-6 bouncers to escort him out of the club.

Wittaya Chairak was arrested for fighting with an Israeli tourist.Wittaya Chairak was arrested for fighting with an Israeli tourist.

Pushing and shoving ensued, leading to a fight until police broke up the melee. Dekel Aurheem went back into the disco to find his brother and became involved in the fight.

Eli Aurheem was charged with fighting and fined 500 baht.

Under new guidelines from newly installed Pattaya Police Chief Pol. Col. Supathee Bungkhrong, officers came down hard on Lucifer, reminding them the new superintendent has made good treatment of foreign tourists a top priority.

Officers cited Lucifer for out-of-date permits, allowing underage customers into the bar and tested employees for drugs. Police will seek an order from Chonburi’s governor to shut down Lucifer for at least a short time.

Supathee said he plans to host a meeting with all entertainment-venue operators to reinforce his new policies.