Livestock dies after drinking from Takientia pond


Six cattle died after drinking from a public pond believed to have been poisoned in Takientia.

Banglamung police were called to Takiantia-Sangkapiew Soi 20 Dec. 21 where the cows and oxen had died.

The 2-meter-wide pond was littered with dead shrimp, crab and fish that villagers had pulled ashore. Two cows, foaming at the mouth, were in the bank of a pickup truck.

Owner Thanom Prakornthum, 49, led police to where the cattle had drank from the pond, about 500 meters away. There laid another pair of dead cows.

Officers inspected the slow-running water, finding oil traces resembling white slime floating downriver. The Public Health officers collected water samples from four points.

Villagers point to a polluted area of the stream. Villagers point to a polluted area of the stream.

In addition, Thanom led officers to the cow stalls at his nearby house where officers found another 2 dead oxen. All were transferred to the Chonburi Livestock Department for autopsy.

Thanom said he didn’t discover the poisoning until after the first batch of animals returned to the barn and others were sent to drink. He estimated the loss from the dead livestock at 180,000 baht.

The pond originates from Wang Thong, near Takiantia, and flows down to merge with the Banglamung Canal before heading to the sea.