Kind-hearted Pattaya KFC staffer becomes net idol


Little did a Pattaya KFC staffer know that photos snapped of her assisting a disabled foreigner with his meal would make her an instant Internet celebrity.

“This world needs more people like this,” read the caption under the pictures of the 18-year-old Kussatree Sunhoh feeding the foreign man at the fried chicken restaurant’s Central Festival Pattaya Beach branch that were posted on Facebook where they quickly went viral on Thai social media.

Kussatree’s co-workers said she is sweet, works hard and has a very attractive smile.

She told reporters that the disabled customer came into the restaurant on Christmas Day. She saw he was having difficulties eating, so she decided to assist him by helping to feed him. She didn’t know where he was from, but guessed that he was from Europe. But the important thing, she said, was that he needed help.

Photos of Kussatree Sunhoh a Pattaya KFC staffer assisting a disabled foreigner with his meal have gone viral on social media.

The following day, the same man returned and ordered a 199-baht combo menu, but was 99 baht short. So the staff gave him the meal with the employees chipping in the rest.

It was obvious that the man had very little strength in his arms so Kussatree decided to help feed him again. It wasn’t any hassle, she said, because the restaurant wasn’t very busy.

Later, Kussatree was surprised to see she had been photographed by a co-worker as she was feeding the disabled foreigner and images were uploaded to Facebook.

Many of her friends have commented, “liked” and shared the post and it grabbed the attention of social media users.

Commenters said not many people would bother helping foreigners, but this young lady was different. She is smart, attractive and has a big heart, so what she has done is well deserved to be publicized to the world to know that there are people out there who actually care about others, they said.

Kussatree’s efforts were acknowledged after her manager alerted Yum Restaurants International (Thailand), which operates KFC in the country, and a certificate of appreciation signed by its CEO was awarded.