Infant tragedy strikes Cambodian family


A 6-month-old infant girl, apparently left alone to feed off a bottle of UHT milk, suffocated in Plutaluang at around 4am Sept. 3.

Parents Chap Sambo, 38-year-old mother, and Chea Long, 30-year-old father, Cambodian laborers, reported the death and had incense and candles set up around the corpse by the time police and Sawangboriboon Rochana Thammasathan Sattahip Foundation rescue workers arrived at the scene behind Sriprapat Market in Plutaluang.

Suwatee, aka Nong Muon, was the couple’s second child. She allegedly had an unspecified congenital syndrome disease (birth defect).

She was sent to Sattahip KM 10 Hospital for an autopsy to confirm the cause of death.