Hit-and-run driver facing charges after chase video goes viral


A 31-year-old man is facing hit-and-run charges after being caught on video hitting a sailor on a motorbike in East Pattaya and then fleeing the scene.

In a viral video clip uploaded by Facebook user Phanuwat Peenasa, the driver of the white Honda City, Teerasak Pongsri, collides with Kriengsak Panwiharn, 22, at the Local Road-Soi Nernplabwan Intersection around 10 p.m. on April 19.

The sailor received only minor injuries, but Teerasak took off and quickly was pursued by the driver of a Mazda intent on bringing the driver to justice.

“The Honda sedan hit a motorcycle and dragged it a long way. I don’t know how the biker is doing,” the Mazda driver says in the video.

31-year-old Teerasak Pongsri was caught on another car’s dash cam running into a sailor on a motorbike in East Pattaya and then fleeing the scene.

The Good Samaritan repeatedly honks his horn and shouts at bystanders to help stop the Honda, which is seen dragging a motorcycle under its front bumper.

The chase took the pair down the railway-parallel road and onto Soi Khao Talo. He was cornered and surrounded by angry neighbors at Soi Khao Talo 5.

“Don’t hurt (Teerasak). Let the police do their job. He appears drunk,” the Mazda driver tells the crowd in the video.

It turned out, however, that Teerasak was not legally drunk and he was released pending further investigation. Officers planned to question Kriengsak before deciding whether to file vehicular charges against the hit-and-run driver.