Greedy bargirl’s iPhone ransom plot backfires


A greedy Pattaya bargirl who held an Apple iPhone 7 she found ransom for 5,000 baht was arrested for theft and forced to pay 50,000 baht to get out on bail.

Saifon Moonjan, 45, thought she’d make a little money off the forgetful misfortune of 34-year-old Neungruthai Naka, who left her smartphone at a 7-Eleven April 7. But her scheme backfired when the pregnant younger woman and her Omani husband refused to pay ransom for a 30,000-baht smartphone they probably otherwise would have given a grateful reward for.

The Chaiyaphum hostess shouted at police who arrived at her Soi Buakhao beer bar that she didn’t steal the phone, but felt entitled to a reward, as the Apple smartphone was expensive. To be sure no one grabbed it from her, Saifon turned off the phone and stuck it in her underwear.
She claimed she had many police friends that would back up her demand for the 5,000 baht.

Police, who regularly suggest that loss victims reward the finders, weren’t in such a charitable mood when faced with the stroppy bar maven. They told Neugnruthai they’d arrest Saifon for theft if she wanted. The mother-to-be was reluctant, but unable to convince the older woman to return her property, she acceded.

Suddenly, it was Saifon’s freedom up for ransom. Police strapped on the cuffs, snatched back the phone and tossed the extortionist into the slammer where she had to wait for family members to come up with 50,000 baht surety to spring her.
Saifon was due in court April 10 and faces a fine of up to 6,000 baht and up to three years in prison if found guilty of the “theft at night” charge.