Girl gets foot stuck in moving motorbike sidecar wheel


A 9-year-old girl’s leg was mangled when her foot got caught in wheel of a moving motorbike’s sidecar.

Sawang Rojanadhammasathan Sattahip rescuers were called to Sansiri 2 Village on Soi Wat Kontaman in Sattahip March 5 to find Prathom 3 student Raira Sawaddee writhing in pain.

Her left foot had gotten stuck in chain and wheel of the sidecar on the motorbike driven by her mother. Bones in her foot were crushed and bleeding and the girl was frightened and crying.

Rescue workers immobilize the young girl’s leg before transporting her to the hospital.

It took about 20 minutes to free Raira’s foot and she was transported to Queen Sirikit Naval Medical Center.

Her mother, Narisara Laypayup, 33, said they were driving along to bring food to her eldest son working at Sansiri 1 Village when Raira started screaming. Somehow she had got her foot stuck in the wheel and Narisara was unable to even pull over to the side of the road.