German robbed by ladyboy after gender-bending discovery


Police have arrested a transvestite who allegedly stole electronics from a German man after he turned away the bar worker after discovering “she” was a “he.”

Udomchai Phutom, 24, was apprehended Oct. 19 on charges of stealing an Apple iPod and GPS navigation device worth more than 10,000 baht from Cristian Krunicks, 62.

“She” not only turned out to be a “he”, but “he” was also a thief.“She” not only turned out to be a “he”, but “he” was also a thief.

The German told police he’d contracted with Phutom at the Star Bar on Soi 8, believing the cross-dresser to be a woman. Krunicks took the ladyboy to his house in Sattahip, where he made the surprising discovery.

The victim said he told Phutom he’d drive him to the bus station, but when he used the restroom before departing, the spurned prostitute allegedly slipped a few of the German’s items into his handbag. The robbery was not discovered until Krunicks returned home.