German died on Dongtan Beach 6 hours before being discovered


A German tourist who died on Dongtan Beach was not discovered for six hours because people assumed he was sleeping.

Markus Pullmann of Cologne was found by a friend on a beach chair Feb. 12. His cause of death remains a mystery.

Friend Gerold Schaeffer said he thought Pullman was sleeping after reading the newspaper. Only when direct sunlight began shining on Pullman’s face did Schaeffer check on his fellow countryman, discovering he wasn’t breathing. Police estimated he’d been dead about six hours.

Pullman arrived in Thailand on Feb. 5 and was staying at View Talay 5 in Jomtien Beach. Schaeffer said his friend came to the beach everyday and that he always seemed healthy.

Beach vendors said they remembered the dead man walking around the beach around 10 a.m.