Gambling truck driver shot dead in Huay Yai


A stoned gambler shot a truck driver during an illegal card game in Huay Yai.

Sittichai Jitsom, 29, was shot three times with an 11 mm pistol, with a shot to the head killing him Aug. 2. Police said they know who the shooter is, but did not disclose his name.

The victim’s girlfriend, Somsri Sriduang, 26, said Sittichai was a truck driver who transported construction materials around Huay Yai. That morning he had left without saying where he was going, but she found out he had gone to a clandestine card game at a rubber plantation hidden from police.

Investigators determined that Sittichai and the gunman had gotten into an argument and the suspect, high on drugs, shot him. Police vowed to bring the killer to justice quickly.