Farmer electrocuted with frogs in Banglamung


A farmer was electrocuted along with hundreds of the frogs he raised at a pond on Soi Santisuk.

Ponchai Gubtapol, 43, was found amid the bodies of frogs of all sizes inside one of eight frog ponds. His 12-year-old son, Anucha Kaptapol, sat nearby with a burned arm. He was treated at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.

Relative Montri Mingkwan said he heard a cry from Anucha and he and Ponchai rushed to help. As he tended to the boy, he turned around to find his brother-in-law dead inside the pool.

Investigators believe an electrical pole in the middle of the pond was leaking electric current into the pond and Ponchai was electrocuted when he went into the water.