Elderly Pattaya couple dies in apparent murder-suicide


Murder-suicide is suspected in the death of an elderly couple in central Pattaya.

The body of Rungrit Chunhasri, 70, was lying in bed, a gunshot to the head. Next to him, laying on her stomach, was his wife, 62-year-old Amnuay Pengkla. She had been shot in the forehead.

There were no signs of a break-in or struggle at the Central Road Soi 9 commercial building which had a barber shop downstairs and living quarters upstairs. Gunshot residue was found on both victims’ hands as well as fingerprints.

Forensics experts were called on to determine which one was the shooter who killed their partner before committing suicide.

Neighbors said they had seen Rungrit sitting on his porch earlier and that his wife had been upstairs. A neighbor heard what she thought was three gunshots, which she thought were electrical shorts. She went to investigate and found the bodies.

Police said Rungrit was being treated for depression.