Elderly Italian beaten by ladyboy


A transgender suspect accused of attacking an elderly Italian man claimed the man had refused to pay ‘shim’ for services rendered.

A beaten and bloody Cristancigh Silvano, 69, complained to police March 17 that he was set upon around 8 a.m. outside the Fantasy Lounge on Soi Buakhao after he left his girlfriend at home to do some early shopping. He had cuts to his forehead and neck he claimed were caused by a knife and his face was swollen.

The Italian told police he was propositioned by a young transgender woman working in the bar and got into an argument when he refused an offer of sexual services. The ladyboy then fled the scene after the attack.

Anuwat Kaewsaengsai has been charged with assault after admitting to beating the elderly Italian, but claimed it was because the man refused to pay.

Police later that day tracked down Anuwat Kaewsaengsai, 18, who claimed Silvano, in fact, had gone with her to a hotel and agreed to pay 1,000 baht for the companionship. However, when they returned to the bar around 8 a.m., he refused to pay.

Police said the Sakon Nakhon native admitted attacking the elderly man in the dispute over fees, but flatly denied using a knife, only fists and elbows. She said she eventually got a hand on Silvano’s wallet and took the 1,000 baht agreed upon.

Anuwat was arrested and charged with assault.