Elderly Frenchman robbed for drug money by streetwalker ‘girlfriend’


A convicted drug dealer and prostitute was arrested for stealing 50,000 baht from her elderly French boyfriend.

Ornuma Faisaikam, 37, was apprehended outside a Soi Buakhao convenience store Dec. 20 after Phillippe Felix Marcel de Francois, 70, reported that the woman, who he had been dating for five months, stole his wallet, ATM card and key to his Soi 5 apartment.

He said he woke up to find his lover gone as well as his wallet. He checked his bank account and found 50,000 baht had been withdrawn, as he’d left the passcode with his ATM card.

Police said the Sakon Nakhon resident confessed to robbing her supposed boyfriend because she needed money to buy crystal methamphetamine.

Ornuma had served nine years in prison for dealing drugs and, upon her release, had become a prostitute on Beach Road, where de Francois found her following her arrest for loitering.

The Frenchman thanked police for their quick work with a bouquet of flowers.