Drunk foreigner dumped in hotel lobby dies


An obese foreign man died after allegedly falling down drunk in front of a Jomtien Beach 7-Eleven and being wheeled on a handtruck to a nearby hotel.

Police found the foreigner dead at the Natural Park Resort still on the dolly the convenience store staff had brought him in on around 2:30 a.m. Dec. 27. Workers at the Soi 17 store had believed he was a guest at the nearby hotel.

As of press time, police have not released the man’s name, and could not immediately determine the victim’s cause of death, saying it could have been form heavy drinking, falling off a chair in front of the 7-Eleven, a heart attack or another health ailment. The body was sent to the Forensics Institute for further determination.

Aathit Haaruanjak, 16, said he’d seen the heavyset man drinking from a large vodka bottle outside the convenience store and offered him a seat at a sidewalk table. The victim then set up shop there, chatting and offering drinks to foreign tourists entering and leaving the 7-Eleven. Finally, he drank so much he passed out and fell to the pavement.

Instead of calling police or an ambulance, 7-Eleven staffers scooped up the big man onto a freight dolly and dumped him at the Natural Park Resort. Receptionists also didn’t bother to call authorities, leaving him on the handtruck to sleep off his bender.

Four hours later, when the foreigner was still taking up space in the lobby, the hotel staff decided to check on him, discovering he was dead. At that point, they called police.

The foreign man was wearing several pieces of gold jewelry, but was not carrying any identification, police said.