Deputy Police Commander makes preparations to facilitate Songkran travel


Police general warns men not to grope females

The Deputy Commander of the Royal Thai Police has ordered police across the country to prepare special lanes and to stringently enforce driving laws ahead of the holiday season.

The deputy commander has circulated a memo to police nationwide to implement accident reduction measures on all roadways.

Army Region 1 Commander Lt Gen Kukriat Srinaka has similarly prepared his forces to provide assistance to travelers during Songkran.

All relevant agencies have been told to provide help to citizens, including resolving any ongoing matters that may impede travel during the holiday.

Also, Deputy National Police Chief Wirachai Songmetta warns of a possible ten years jail sentence for groping females at Songkran. He met with reporters last week and announced a list of do’s and don’ts for this year’s Songkran celebration.

“If people follow suit,” he said, “it will make for a safe and enjoyable festival to herald in the traditional Thai New Year.

At the top of the don’t list is using the mayhem as an excuse to molest women, including groping their breasts. Many females have said they have experienced this in the past. Wirachai said violators could face up to ten years behind bars or a fine of 200,000 baht or both.

People caught selling alcohol to minors (under 20) are subject to a one year jail sentence and a 20,000 baht fine.

Drink driving could warrant a jail term of between one and five years and fines from 20,000 and 100,000 baht with permanent loss of license.

Pol Gen Wirachai’s do’s and don’ts list: Don’t speed, don’t go against the flow of traffic, don’t drive while sleepy, don’t overtake in congested areas, don’t drink and drive, don’t use a phone while driving, do wait at red lights, do wear seat belts, do have a license, do wear a helmet on a motorcycle, and do use motorcycles safely.