Danish man killed, wife injured in Sukhumvit motorbike crash


A Danish tourist was killed and his wife seriously injured when their sidecar-motorbike was struck by a minibus in Pattaya.

Police found the body of Ole Larsen Tiplon Dotel, 67, lying on Sukhumvit Road in front of the Pattaya Post Office March 23. A hundred meters down the street was his unconscious wife, Tove Hansen Moellaard, 55. They had been staying on Soi 7 in Jomtien Beach.

Moellaard was transported to Banglamung Hospital where she was treated for a brain hemorrhage.

Near the accident scene police found a white Toyota passenger van with five passengers from Maptaput in Rayong. The van had a scrape on the front left quarter with a broken bumper, headlight and windshield.

Van driver Pomuao Hadgadeang points to the damage on his van.Van driver Pomuao Hadgadeang points to the damage on his van.

Driver Pomuao Hadgadeang, 58, of Rayong claimed he was driving within the speed limit when the Honda motorbike with sidecar suddenly changed lanes and cut him off. He said he tried to stop, but couldn’t, sending the bike flying about 40 meters.

Police are waiting for Moellaard to gain consciousness before investigating further.