Concrete tube sparks bomb scare in Sattahip


A dump truck driver who found what he through was an explosive device in his vehicle set off a short bomb scare in Sattahip.

Montri Jantatao alerted Sattahip police Feb. 24 that he found a suspicious object in banana field behind Thongthip Taotan Market. Local police called in explosive-ordnance disposal experts from the Sattahip Naval Base.

An inspection found the item was a 7-kilogram concrete tube with a handle. The EOD team blew up the object just to be sure, even though they believed it was part of a vehicle engine.

Confident it wasn’t a bomb, explosive-ordnance disposal experts inspect a suspicious object in Sattahip.

Montri said he was disposing of a load of crush rock when the suspicious tube fell out of the dump truck. Unsure what it was, he called police.


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