Chonburi hosts anti-corruption conference


Chonburi Province is doing its part to improve Thailand’s international competitiveness by reducing corruption, Gov. Khomsan Ekachai said on Anti-Corruption Day.

The governor chaired the International Anti-Corruption Conference Dec. 8, aimed at meeting the government’s goals of reducing corruption and improving the country’s Corruption Perception Index score, which is an indication of corruption problems in various countries around the world conducted by Transparency International.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission has extended full cooperation, support and determination for the government’s anti-corruption drives. In cooperation with government agencies, political parties, state firms, private sector and civil society networks, International Anti-Corruption Day in Thailand activities are organized nationwide on Dec. 8-9. The activities are held simultaneously in Bangkok and the provinces throughout the country. Each province holds an anti-corruption activity to be broadcast live to all other provinces.

Chonburi, as one of the nation’s highly populated and major provinces, has also held similar projects with the same intention to tackle corruption. The International Anti-Corruption Conference was joined by 215 provincial civil servants; district and sub-districts authorities, and officials within Chonburi province.

The objective of the conference is to direct all government authorities in the same direction and encourage them to help prevent corruption as well providing services in accordance to the policies of the National Anti-Corruption Commission and the NCPO.

In Chonburi, the NACC, Ministry of Interior, local administrative organizations and civil society networks will take part in a concerted campaign against corruption and in support of good governance.

Khomsan said that the National Council for Peace and Order has taken action on corruption effectively, intending to wipe out this ongoing problem that has occurred for decades. Corruption has a major effect on what the country will become and tackling this issue will determine the outcome of the economy.

He said that honesty is the key factor of good governance and this also applies to all administrative organizations involved. Similar conferences are held in all other provinces throughout the country and all provincial governors will act as head of an operation center with top-priority agendas to exercise a show of force against corruption.

The objective of this conference is to seek coordinating participation on anti-corruption at the national level amongst all social sectors. The National Anti-Corruption Commission is to be the focal point for the holistic implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy under the terms of its vision, “A society founded on discipline, integrity and ethics with all sectors participating in the prevention and suppression of corruption.”