Chonburi governor tours petroleum industry training center


Chonburi Gov. Khomsan Ekachai visited a petroleum industry training center in Sriracha to get a first-hand look at efforts to upgrade the province’s oil companies’ safety standards.

The governor and other officials arrived March 16 at MOG Industrial Training Ltd., an energy research and petroleum training and development Center in Tungsookla.

Trainees learn firefighting techniques to be prepared for the worst in the oil industry.

MOG Industrial trains health and safety techniques for use on land or at sea, advising businesses involved in the oil industry. Training includes fire drills, operating in confined and high-altitude places, and medical procedures to bring Thai companies up to Labor Social Security Department and the Ministry of Labor standards.

MOG executives led the governor’s entourage on a tour so they could see the real-life training practices and theory work, which covered surviving plane crashes, at sea, and oil or gas fires.