Central Road to be dug up for (at least) 90 days


Drivers should prepare for at least three months of detours and traffic nightmares on Central Road as the Provincial Electricity Authority digs up and closes off portions of the street to bury power lines underground.

Pattaya officials and engineers met with Nirud Charoenchoh, the PEA’s Pattaya office director, and local police Aug. 4 to outline the disruptions the public began to face when work began Aug. 15.

The 80-million-baht project, which will see messy jumbles of power, telephone and utility lines placed in sealed pipes under Central Road, is slated to take three months. Delays, however, are inevitable as contractor Litchotorn Co. will be doing its work at the height of rainy season instead of in February when the project was supposed to have begun.

The center of Central Road for a 1.1-kilometer stretch will be dug up, although contractors promised to work on less than 150 meters of road at a time to minimize disruptions. However, while work is proceeding, the section being worked on will be closed to traffic from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Barriers have been installed about the construction zones so that workers have at least four meters of roadway in which to operate.


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