Canadian drugged, robbed by ‘homeless’ Beach Road women


A Canadian man who said he offered to rent a room for two “homeless” Beach Road women ended up apparently getting drugged and robbed by them.

Alexander Allin, 49, called police to the Little Court apartments on Soi Buakaow Dec. 18 where, the night before, he said he’d rented a room for two women he’d met on Pattaya Beach. He said they told him they’d just arrived in Pattaya and had no place to stay. Out of pity, he claimed, he’d arranged the room for them.

Security camera footage caught images of the women and Allin around 12:15 a.m. entering the room and the two suspects leaving 15 minutes later.

Unaware of his exploits, Allin’s 19-year-old girlfriend Somjit Yordphrom went to police shortly after the Canadian did, saying he’d left their apartment for the beach the day before and did not return.

Allin turned over to police a plastic bag containing a clear liquid police assumed was the drug that knocked him out.

Police are using the CCTV pictures to try and track down the not-so-homeless perpetrators.