Cambodian labor ring busted in Banglamung


A Cambodian couple was arrested and 24 Khmer laborers rounded up as Banglamung officials and area police cracked down on a suspected illegal-labor ring.

District Chief Sakchai Taengho and 50 police officers and district officials raided the labor camp on Soi Kasetsin 5 Sept. 18, following the arrest of Kuoch Kunthy, 29, at a sting operation at a fruit shop on Soi Thepprasit 11.

Undercover agents had contacted Kuoch to buy the services of three Cambodian laborers, agreeing to pay her 1,000 baht each. Kuoch was captured when she showed up with three workers on her Honda Click motorbike.

Under questioning, she helped officers locate and arrest her husband, 43-year-old Seang Kimey, at the Mountain Beach Hotel on Pratamnak Road.

Banglamung officers then rounded six women, 16 men and two children at the labor camp.

The couple was charged with harboring illegal aliens and obstructing the aliens’ arrest, Kuoch was also charged with possession of illegal contraceptives.