Brit, Thai partner red-carded for selling fake football jerseys online



Chonburi provincial police have red-carded a British man and Thai woman for allegedly selling counterfeit football jerseys over the Internet at up to 300 percent markups.

Christopher Game and Thiptanya Rashkaew are led away to face charges of selling counterfeit merchandise over the Internet.


Christopher Game, 39, and Thiptanya Rashkaew, 38, were arrested Oct. 15 at their P.S. Mansion apartment on Soi A.R. and charged with trademark infringement. A team of Region 2 Crime Suppression officers seized 456 jerseys for 25 different English, European and international football teams, as well as copious amounts of billing and shipping materials.

Investigators said the two were earning a lucrative living selling kids-sized jerseys on their website at They allegedly bought the counterfeit goods for 100-150 baht each and sold them online at 3,000-5,000 baht each. The website is now offline, but a cached copy of the site shows James had marketed the clothing as “unbranded” and “replica” jerseys.

Unbranded or not, selling items bearing trademarks registered in Thailand is illegal and both of the web entrepreneurs will be benched for some time to come.