Boat captain drowns in Sattahip


A tourist-boat captain died while scraping barnacles from his ship’s hull in Sattahip.

The body of Thanee Khamyen, 60, captain of the Rungworawan 11, was found floating at the breakwater in front of Ocean Marina April 10, a day after disappearing while servicing his boat anchored about 200 meters away. More than 10 divers had tried unsuccessfully to locate his body the day before.

Thanee’s wife, Sompaen Nuanjan, 70, said her husband had been a boat captain for 10 years and was an expert swimmer. However, this time he had donned scuba equipment to scrape barnacles and inspect the boat’s propeller. Sompaen said she had warned him against using the air tank and regulator, as he had not been trained in scuba diving, but he insisted he would be fine.