Beach vendor cleanup coming to Naklua, Pratamnak beaches


Stepped up regulation is coming to four small Pattaya-area beaches where vendors have encroached on public property and exploited tourists.

Wong Amat Beach in Naklua and three stretches of sand around Pratamnak Hill – Cozy Beach, Asia Hotel Beach and Pratamnak Beach – all will be reorganized following a survey to be conducted soon by Pattaya officials.

Banglamung Assistant District Chief Pongtasit Pitjanon met with Pattaya regulatory enforcement officers regarding beach chair and umbrella vendors who have operated largely without supervision even as Pattaya and Jomtien beaches have been cleaned up.

Local officials meet to discuss how to bring order to smaller beaches around Pattaya.

He said the four beaches will be redone similar to the main shoreline, with clear boundaries for beach chairs and no encroachment by other sellers on public land.

A survey of each area will be done and diagrams for public and vendor space will be submitted to the city council for enactment.

Problems over the past year involving some of the affected beaches include food vendors erecting shacks on government property, beach-chair vendors evicting tourists who choose not to rent an umbrella and fights between chair vendors over space.

Earlier, Pattaya and Jomtien beaches were reorganized, with lots allocated to chairs and umbrellas downsized and squeezed closer together to offer the public more free sand. Vendors also were banned from operating on Wednesdays to return more nature to the public.